Top 9 Side Hustle Sites for Filipino Freelancers (2024)

Top 9 Side Hustle Sites for Filipino Freelancers (2024)

Side Hustle Sites for Filipino – The Philippines is a hotbed for freelancing talent, and with good reason! Filipinos are known for their strong work ethic, excellent communication skills, and creativity. But who says you need to leave the comfort of your bahay (house) to find freelance work?

This guide dives into the online platforms that Filipino freelancers can leverage to build a thriving side hustle, all without sacrificing that precious pandesal break (Filipino bread)!

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Top 9 Side Hustle Sites for Filipino Freelancers

1. Upwork

A Global Stage for Filipino Skills

Upwork remains a giant in the freelance marketplace. From writing compelling articles for international clients to building stunning websites, Upwork connects Filipino freelancers with projects that perfectly match their expertise. It’s a great platform to showcase your skills on a global scale.


The Diverse Project Playground offers a massive project landscape, making it easy to find international gigs that complement your skillset. With a wide range of categories, this platform allows you to tap into a global audience and build a strong freelance portfolio.


Homegrown Opportunities

Looking for something closer to home? is a Philippine-based platform catering specifically to Filipino freelancers and businesses. Explore local projects, virtual assistant gigs, and other exciting opportunities without leaving Philippine Standard Time.


Tech and Web Dev Haven for Filipinos

If you’re a tech wiz or a web development guru, is your haven. This platform offers a plethora of projects in these specialized fields. But don’t be discouraged if your talents lie elsewhere – Guru also boasts opportunities in design, writing, and marketing tailored to Filipino freelancers.


Your Local Gig Hub is another Philippine-based platform connecting freelancers with local businesses and individuals. Find flexible gigs ranging from graphic design to social media management, all within the Philippines. No need to worry about time zone differences!

6. WorkAtHomePH

Opportunities at Your Fingertips

WorkAtHomePH is a valuable resource for Filipino freelancers seeking remote work opportunities. Explore their listings for part-time and freelance jobs, allowing you to work from the comfort of your home and manage your schedule effectively.

7. Virtual Assistant PH (VAPH)

The VA Powerhouse

The Philippines is known for its skilled virtual assistants (VAs). VAPH is a platform dedicated to connecting Filipino VAs with businesses worldwide. If you have excellent organizational and communication skills, VAPH can be a great place to find remote VA gigs.

8. Fiverr

The Micro-Task Marketplace

Fiverr allows you to offer your services in bite-sized packages, perfect for building a portfolio or testing the freelance waters. Filipinos can leverage Fiverr for various skills like writing, graphic design, and data entry, all while setting their own rates and working on flexible projects.

9. PeoplePerHour

Budget-Friendly Freelancing

PeoplePerHour caters to both freelancers and clients seeking budget-friendly solutions. This platform allows Filipino freelancers to showcase their skills at competitive prices, perfect for building a portfolio and attracting new clients.

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Research each platform before diving in. Understand their fees, terms of service, and client base to ensure it aligns with your goals. With the right platform, collaboration tools, and the talent you possess, your side hustle can blossom into a thriving freelance career, all while enjoying the perks of working from your own Philippine sanctuary.

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